For Healthcare Providers

As a health care professional, you play an important role in the fight against myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). By becoming knowledgeable about the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS and staying abreast of new information, you can provide a higher level of care to your patients and you can be on the cutting edge of addressing a challenging public health concern.

ME/CFS affects at least one million Americans, making it one of the nation’s most prevalent, yet misunderstood, chronic illnesses. Many ME/CFS patients go un-diagnosed, drifting from one health care provider to another until many drop out of the health care system altogether; either out of frustration and hopelessness or due to dwindling financial resources. Preliminary studies indicate that for ME/CFS, as with other chronic conditions, early detection, diagnosis and treatment yield better health outcomes. We must work together to improve patient care.

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