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ME/CFS is one of the top unsolved medical mysteries science has to tackle today.  The field of ME/CFS research is ripe for discovery.

The research infrastructure of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative supports innovation and discovery. We have developed our research road map, in collaboration with our Research Advisory Council (RAC), to be a participatory, predictive, and personalized platform that will help identify ME/CFS treatment candidates, sub-types and disease models:

  • Participatory research puts the patient at the center of ME/CFS discovery
  • Predictive measures come from “Big Data” we gather
  • Personalized treatments result from patient-centered research

The SolveCFS BioBank is the foundation of our research infrastructure.  This system is built on a foundation of standards including common data dictionaries, standard instruments and assessments.   The SolveCFS BioBank is designed to allow investigators to share and collaborate.  Patient information and samples have Global Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) so we can share and meet current privacy standards; GUIDs allow results generated on individuals to be linked to other discoveries on the same samples. The SolveCFS BioBank is a cost-effective and robust resource to investigate ME/CFS.

Currently the SolveCFS BioBank is supporting research by top investigators including:

      • Armin Alaedini
      • Michael Cooperstock
      • Eric Delwart
      • Steve Elledge
      • Michael Houghton
      • Leonard Jason

Learn more about the SolveCFS BioBank and how to apply for access to information and samples.

Seeding the most promising research is a strong suit for the Solve ME/CFS Initiative .  Every three years we issue a funding opportunity (our next funding opportunity is in 2015).  In 2008 we awarded $660,000 to five investigators.  By 2013, four of these investigators have received follow-on funding for ME/CFS totaling more than $12 million!

  • Kathy and Alan Light
  • Marvin Medow and Julian Stewart
  • Bud Mishra and Eric Aslakson
  • Dikoma Shungu and Sanjay Mathew
  • Sanjay Shukla and Steve Yale

Our 2011 grantees are focused on research for safe and effective treatments.

  • Biovista
  • Dane Cook
  • Patrick McGowan
  • Marvin Medow
  • Peter Rowe

Discover ME/CFS Research! The current purpose of SMCI’s research program is to accelerate progress toward accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of ME/CFS by directly supporting research studies, facilitating collaboration among investigators and pursuing increased investment in ME/CFS research by public, private and commercial institutions.

Please direct inquiries regarding SMCI’s research program and use of the SolveCFS BioBank to:

Zaher Nahle, PhD, MPA
Vice President for Research and Scientific Programs
Solve ME/CFS Initiative
5455 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1903
Los Angeles, CA 90036-0007