Ramsay Research Team 4 – Identifying Autoimmune Signatures in ME/CFS

team-4This study from Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen (Charite University Medicine Berlin) and Madlen Lobel (Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin) is entitled “Autoimmune Signature in CFS/ME.”

It combines in-depth genetic screening methodologies with the study of autoimmune factors regulating a specific type of surface receptors important in cellular signaling and function.

Three specific cellular and genetic autoimmune traits in CFS/ME will be analyzed:

1) The prevalence of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with functional impact on genes associated with autoimmune diseases

2) Risk variants for autoimmunity in the non-coding genome

3) The frequency and function of immune cell subsets with pathogenic function in autoimmunity

The study’s goal is better characterization of the subset of patients with an autoimmune cause and better understanding of the causes underlying autoimmunity in CFS/ME, which—if accomplished—will result in improved diagnosis and treatment in the future.

Said Dr. Scheibenbogen, “We are very grateful and proud to get the award…The award and funding are very important for us. First, it supports our research on autoimmunity in CFS. Second, it helps to get more awareness for CFS in Germany.”

Read this study’s abstract here: https://solvecfs.org/autoimmune-signature-in-cfsme/