Anticipating new Ramsay Award 2017 – RFAs forthcoming in May


Building on the success of our 2016 Ramsay award program, we are thrilled to be launching soon another request for application (RFA) to help drive the execution of the most promising projects in the field of ME/CFS. Applications will be available online for download in the beginning of May and will close by the end of June. Here, we wanted to share this news with our community at the earliest possible opportunity.

Last year’s award competition attracted some of the brightest minds from all over the world. As a result, ongoing projects are now exploring diverse and promising areas including studies in autoimmunity, natural killer (NK) cell function, mitochondrial myopathies, metabolic profiling, viral infection, bioenergetics heath index characterization, low grade inflammation, immune dysfunction, diagnostic testing, and advanced brain imaging to name a few.

The Ramsay Award Program has three primary objectives:

  • INVEST in original ideas that could clarify the onset, progression, root causes, and natural history of ME/CFS.
  • CREATE permissive environments to attract, support, and retain talent in the ME/CFS community and help awardees generate relevant data to compete for long-term federal funding.
  • FACILITATE collaboration and cross-pollination among dedicated researchers through the sharing of resources and access to additional programming and our organization’s network.

We expect this year’s applications to be just as competitive. Importantly, this new funding opportunity comes at a time where proposals to cut federal funding for biomedical research are becoming public. Dr. Nahle, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and VP for Research at SMCI, stated that “Now more than ever we need to strengthen our support for promising pilot projects in ME/CFS towards making this disease understood, diagnosable and treatable.”