Patient-Scientist Partnership Program

Facilitating patient participation in decision-making and defining research priorities.

Diagnostics and Metabolic Imaging

Made possible by the Cathleen J. Gleeson PH.D Fund for Diagnostic Testing

Part of a collaborative partnership with the Translational Center for Metabolic Imaging at the University of Washington, this study uses advanced, non-invasive magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to measure tissue metabolites in ME/CFS patients before and after fatiguing exercise. This study seeks to establish a powerful method for diagnostic testing.

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Cardiopulmonary and neuro-signaling

Made possible by an anonymous donor

This fund is supporting work focused on the autonomic, peripheral neuropathy, and cardiovascular features of ME/CFS undertaken by Dr. David Systrom at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (iCPET) will be used to gather information on the pathophysiology of exertional intolerance and the connection to small fiber neuropathy – with the aim of developing therapeutic treatment.

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