NIH-funded Study: Daily Activity Patterns and Heart Rate Variability in ME/CFS

Volunteers with ME/CFS for research study needed


  1. Find out if activity patterns (such as “push-crash”) and life events are related to heart rate variability (changes in your heart rate)
  2. Find out if heart rate variability can be used to predict your relapses and setbacks
  3. Discover if improving or worsening illness is related to your activity levels, life events, and heart rate variability

Study specifics

  1. Home-based; no face to face visits
  2. Participation in study activities over 6 months
  3. Study volunteers paid up to $300 for full participation
  4. Study tasks for volunteer participants include:
    Periodically wearing a small heart monitor Wearing a daytime activity monitor Completing a weekly online web diary Completing questionnaires

Contact: (US Only) Sameera Ramjan Tel: 631- 638-0056
Principal Investigator:Fred Friedberg, PhD
Approved: July 23, 2019
Expiration Date: February 12, 2020
Stony Brook University IRB (CORIHS B