meetMe Travel Awards

Fostering connections and partnerships – building scientific networks

*MeetME Travel Award applications to attend the Thinking the Future: A Workshop for Young and Early Career ME/CFS Investigators and Accelerating Research on ME/CFS NIH conferences will be accepted through February 22*

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is proud to facilitate the participation of junior scientists and underrepresented groups in meetings and conferences focused on ME/CFS through the meetME Travel Award Program.

The meetME Program enables qualified, early career stage scientists to broaden their perspective and knowledge, grow their research networks, and shape the direction of ME/CFS research and treatment discovery.

The meetME Program has two main objectives:

  • Promote the participation of junior investigators, women, and underrepresented minorities in the ME/CFS field
  • Facilitate cross-pollination among individuals committed to solving this challenging medical issue through exposure and networking at national and international meetings focused on ME/CFS, and through collaborative projects

The submission deadline for consideration is at least two calendar months in advance of the scientific meeting the applicant seeks to attend. Download the SMCI meetME Travel Award Application here. Inquiries can be addressed to SMCI’s Director of Research Programs, Allison Ramiller, at


The MeetME Program enabled collaboration and the exchange of ideas between Fane Mensah (PhD candidate at University College London) and Chris Armstrong, a metabolomics expert at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Read more >>>
Katya Lavine, a Stanford ME/CFS Initiative researcher, traveled to London for the 13th annual Invest in ME Research conference with MeetME support. Katya also presented at the BRMEC8 Young Researchers breakout conference. Read more >>>

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