Meet the Newly Formed London Med Ed Workgroup

Picture1The London Med Ed Workgroup is a new initiative formed during the 11th Invest in ME International ME Conference 2016 (IIMEC11), held in London on June 3, 2016.

Solve ME/CFS Initiative’s vice president for research and scientific programs, Dr. Zaher Nahle, was tasked by meeting organizers to assemble a starter team of Med Ed experts from conference participants to examine national and international medical educational efforts in ME/CFS and explore areas for potential collaboration.

The goals of the London Med Ed Workgroup are to 1) create effective vehicles for improving current medical information on ME/CFS, 2) improve the dissemination and exchange of medical information, and 3) develop educational materials building on existing tools and relevant literature.

On June 4, 2016, the team held its first meeting in London, followed by a teleconference in July. In addition to Dr. Nahle, the team thus far is comprised of several prominent patient advocates and ME/CFS experts including Mary Dimmock, Dr. Rosamund Vallings, Dr. James Baraniuk, and Dr. Vicky Whittemore. Regular updates will be provided on the work of this team as well as its ongoing efforts and expansion.

“This collaborative work is yet another way in which we are trying to create momentum on all fronts of ME/CFS,” said Dr. Nahle. “When it comes to a complex, poorly understood disease like this, it is critical that every medical health professional, all medical school curricula, and every governmental agency site is up to date and equipped with the right information and tool kits; this is feasible in this day and age.”

Notably, Dr. Nahle is also part of the CDC Technical Development Workgroup (TDW) that provides input on the accuracy and effectiveness of the CDC website and the dissemination of correct information to healthcare providers as well as the general public. There are many aspects of the current CDC website that provide insufficient or incorrect information to the public; we are actively engaged in working to correct this serious deficiency.