The Biology of Stress Series

Stress is a word we all know. But it’s often easier to describe the stressors than the effects of the stress itself. Stressors can be emotional or physical, acute or chronic and can stem from events we think of as positive (like a wedding) or negative (like a layoff or physical injury). But what are the physical ramifications? This four part series will explore the biology of stress— looking at its impact on various systems of the body.


The Biology of Stress Part 1; Accumulated stress load (allostatic load) and how it can wear down multiple body systems.

The Biology of Stress Part 2; Ways stress can harm the immune system and impede the body’s ability to heal.

The Biology of Stress Part 3; Differences (and similarities) between acute and chronic stress and how each affects the body.

The Biology of Stress Part 4; Ways to assess and manage the stressors you encounter.