Dr. Lucinda Bateman, Internal Medicine
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Alison Bested, Hematological Pathologist
Miami, Florida

Dr. John Chia
Torrance, California

Dr. Theresa Dowell, Family Nurse Practitioner
Flagstaff, Arizona

Dr. Derek Enlander
New York, NY

Dr. Vincent Hillman
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Susan Levine, Infectious Disease
New York, New York

Dr. Andreas Kogelnik
Mountain View, CA

Dr. Anthony Komaroff, Internal Medicine
Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. David Kaufman, Internal Medicine
Mountain View, California

Dr. Nancy Klimas, Immunologist
Miami, Florida

Dr. Charles Lapp
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Darren Lynch
Northampton, MA

Dr. Benjamin Natelson, Neurologist
New York

Dr. Morris Papernik, Internal Medicine
Hartford, Connecticut

Dr. Daniel Peterson, Internal Medicine
Incline Village, Nevada

Dr. Richard Podell, Internal Medicine
Summit, New Jersey

Dr. Irma Rey, Environmental Medicine
Miami, Florida

Dr. Peter Rowe, Pediatrics
Baltimore, MD

Dr. Andy Selinger, Family Medicine
Hamden Connecticut

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