Listen to Carol Head’s Rousing CFSAC Presentation

O Mag carol head circleSMCI President Carol Head delivered a hard-hitting call to action during her presentation to CFSAC, providing specific recommendations to each agency for improvements in the handling of ME/CFS. Carol was the first at the meeting to call ME/CFS a “public health crisis” before adding that the committee “has been almost utterly ineffective in addressing it.”

The key goal of Carol’s presentation was to share solid, actionable steps to move forward and make progress by breaking down bureaucratic red tape, taking a strong leadership position, and bringing ME/CFS stakeholders into the process of government rather than forcing them to remain on the sidelines. Carol spoke thoughtfully and with force on behalf of those suffering with ME/CFS across the country.

To watch Carol’s presentation, go here.

To look at Carol’s slide deck, go here.