Learn How ME/CFS Keeps Youth from Attending School

“Why Can’t This Child Get to Class?”
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Classroom

Northeastern University School Health Academy with joint provider, Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association, are conducting an online continuing nursing education program for School Nurses and colleagues.

Learn about this debilitating disease which the CDC calls America’s hidden health crisis. This chronic illness impacting students causes prolonged school absence and students need long-term care and accommodations. Hear from a leading pediatrician treating patients with ME/CFS, and from parents of children with ME/CFS.

  • Nurses will earn 3.25 contact hours,
  • School counselors, Social workers or teachers will earn 3.25 Professional Development Points (PDPs)
    To earn credit participants must view the full program, answer all the questions, and read the supporting materials.

Register at www.neusha.org


Discussions will feature the medical perspective from content experts: Dr. Peter C. Rowe (Pediatrician, Director, Children’s Center Chronic Fatigue Clinic at Johns Hopkins, and Professor of Pediatrics) & Lisa Hall, R.N (Senior Nurse at Northampton Integrative Medicine)

For more details: Online-Program-Flyer-ME-CFS

This online program is the culmination of many months and effort by NEUSHA and volunteers. Therefore, we’d liked to thank Kathy Hassey, Jenny Gormley and Lindsay Hawthorne from NEUSHA who pushed this effort forward. As well as Cheryl Boese, a Mass ME/CFS volunteer, who spearheaded the event.

We deeply appreciate Dr. Peter Rowe and Lisa Hall’s time spent developing and presenting the medical material, and especially the efforts of the parents and kids who told their stories — Susan Buckley, Jehan Keziere, Kathy Detwiler, Denise Lopez-Majano and Amy Mooney.

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