Guest Blog – Lisa Johnson, Buying & Selling for the Cure

Lisa Johnson has decided to invest her time and precious energy in helping us fund research. BY leveraging an activity she was already engaged in, Lisa is making a big difference, one sale at a time…


ebay_ArtforaCureCall me a lunatic, but I’m reaching for the moon. If men can walk on the lunar surface, we can raise a million dollars for CFIDS research through the Solve ME/CFS Initiative , which will bring us closer to solving ME/CFS.

Nine years ago, I fell ill with CFIDS (ME/CFS). I’d been zooming through life at the speed of light, when I was mowed down with this devastating illness. It was as if an evil spell had been cast- overnight, I went from being an accomplished triathlete, to a rag doll, moving slower than a turtle. I was a stranger to myself, too exhausted to shower, too tired to even sort the mail. I felt pathetic, useless, a burden to my husband. My zest for life dissolved- I saw no point to living a life of solitary confinement, imprisoned in my home.

Shopping in stores was impossible, so I turned to eBay to purchase necessities. Medical bills mounted, and it occurred to me that I could sell on eBay to help cover some bills. Selling things I had that I no longer needed gave me a sense of accomplishment, and it was something I could do a little at a time.

It depressed me to discover how underfunded ME/CFS research is, but the sad reality is, many if not most of us with this illness have to use all our energy just to get through the day. Organizing a walk, run, or bicycle race for the cure is out of our reach. Fortunately, I stumbled across the eBay giving works program. With just the click of a button, I discovered that could donate the proceeds of my sales to the Solve ME/CFS Initiative. Many of us feel hopeless and helpless, but here is a simple way you can make a difference- With just the tap of your finger, you can buy some wonderful items from my eBay site.

Access it HERE

Do some spring cleaning, and instead of donating your valuables to Goodwill, sell them on eBay and donate the proceeds to the CFIDS Association. I can’t do it alone…I need your help. If you can’t sell, send me your valuables to sell. If we all pitch in, we can accelerate the pace of research.


Contact Lisa through her eBay page HERE