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Several for-profit organizations generously donate a portion of sales to the Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI). Whether you are shopping for birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers, your purchase fuels our efforts to make ME/CFS understood, diagnosable and treatable. We thank these partners for their commitment to achieving a world free of ME/CFS.

Donate up to 30% of your purchase price to Solve ME/CFS Initiative when you shop at 1800+ popular online retailers using Giving Assistant! It’s easy. Giving Assistant pays you cash back, and you choose how much of it you’d like to donate to us. Try it now and find great deals like Kohl’s Coupons, as well as savings at great places like Kmart and JC Penney!


Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Solve ME/CFS Initiative

Join Giving Assistant now and support Solve ME/CFS Initiative for free! Shop online at stores like Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond and earn 3-30% cashback donations.



The iGive shopping mall has hundreds of participating merchants including, Walmart, Hallmark and Babycenter. Time to get started! Log on to iGive, choose the us as your charity – then go shopping. That’s it!

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative receives a percentage of the price of items purchased (less tax, shipping or handling). Donation percentages differ by store. For a complete list of participating stores and donation percentages,visit the Mall at Merchants may offer different donations for different products. Occasionally, some specific products will not be eligible for a donation. These donation rules/exceptions will always be listed under the “Exceptions” link in the iGive Mall, and in the Coupon Window which appears on the lower-right corner of your desktop when you shop.

ebay_ArtforaCureThe eBay Giving Works program has given an ME/CFS patient and Ebay enthusiast a way to use her hobby to raise money for the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, donating all of the proceeds of her sales.

You can too! Do some spring cleaning, and instead of donating your valuables to Goodwill, sell them on eBay and donate the proceeds to us. Or contact Lisa through her eBay page and work with her to do so.

Slamdunks Apparel offers beautiful CFS & FM Awareness designs that are printed on shirts, mugs, and notecards. The designs have been created by a young girl for her aunt who has been living with CFS for years. There are also designs with humorous quotes, graphics, and items for infant/toddlers. Go to Slamdunks  to shop and they will donate $1.00 of each CFS awareness item to the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

a40073_5f4255c60a0e4c84929a851ba86e8bfa.jpg_srz_p_83_78_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWith so little known about these illnesses, and even fewer people aware of them, little research or attention is focused on them. It was from this struggle that Standing Strong Designs was born. For these women it is a way to fight back against the exhaustion and the pain that those fighting Fibro and CFS deal with every day. For them it is a chance to work without the worry of pain or exhaustion stopping them while helping to spread awareness. So, for the 6 million Americans who are overlooked by their doctors, forgotten by the researchers, misunderstood by friends and family, and struggling every day to even stand, we are here Standing Strong with you!

V-DAC manages a service that duplicates how the largest charities handle vehicle donations. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative will receive about the same amount a car dealer would clear if he accepted the car as a trade-in, prepared and auctioned the vehicle (including dealer overhead). The amount a charity receives varies with the age, condition and type of vehicle. Some vehicles cost more to pick up and process than they bring in at auction and so the charity receives nothing. If your charity is donated a number of vehicles, they should receive between 45% and 60% of gross auction/sale proceeds.

At The Creators Palette, you can find one of a kind original watercolor paintings in a variety of sizes, (including ACEO’s), as well as commission the artist, Melanie Pruitt to paint a personal painting just for you!

Melanie has not always been a painter. Her artistic outlets were in dance, speaking presentations, springboard diving, writing, and other activities. But Melanie is not only a supporter of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research, she is also a CFS patient. When CFS hit, her active lifestyle ended, but painting has become one of the positive outcomes. Come and meet Melanie on her website and browse through her artwork. She donates 10% of every purchase from her website to the Solve ME/CFS Initiative for research into a cure!