Fueling Research Progress

ResearchThe first program funded by the Association was its research grant program. Since 1987 the Association has provided $5.5 million in direct support of ME/CFS research studies, that effort has leveraged more than $12 million in additional research funding.

In addition to this critical research funding, the Association works to foster a collaborative growth environment for ME/CFS research by hosting scientific symposia and co-sponsoring meetings to identify promising areas of investigation. To meet the unequivocal need for a more robust scientific enterprise for ME/CFS, the Association created the Research Institute Without Walls; built on a foundation of three core concepts, we foster research that is Participatory, Predictive, and Personalized.

The current priorities of the CFIDS Association’s research program are to create a patient-center participatory research infrastructure in order to accelerate progress toward finding the cause, gaining accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of ME/CFS  by directly supporting research studies, facilitating collaboration among investigators and pursuing increased investment in ME/CFS research by public, private and commercial institutions.

Every three years we issue a funding opportunity.  In 2008 we awarded $660,000 to five investigators.  By 2013, four of these investigators have received follow-on funding for ME/CFS totaling more than $12 million!

Our 2011 grantees are focused on research for safe and effective treatments.

Our next funding opportunity will be in 2015. Please direct inquiries regarding the Association’s research program and/or its requests for applications to:

Dr. Zaher Nahle
VP for Research and Scientific Programs
Solve ME/CFS Initiative
5455 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1903
Los Angeles, CA 90036
E-mail: ZNahle@solvecfs.org
Web: www.SolveCFS.org