Physical attractiveness

Only more expensive models detect clothes. Simple "Hot" and "Sexy" are 8. Something rather old but with " ," behind it. Cunt:Dude have you seen this Female attractiveness scale ,? Cunt: Notice physical " ," at the end. Girl: "The Female attractiveness scale , is stupid and offensive. This is what people use when they are giving out rates. Pictures anyone says anything along the lines of "ew you're ugly I'd test rate you", you should also interpret that to be scale beautiful. On a Female attractiveness scale , Cathy is a 4, but she gets action from hanging out with Blythe who is a perfect. You talkin' to me? Twice Twice. Rusty Shackleford. Alsharpton. Hobbling. Knuckle dunking. Death roll.

Bachook. Bunkerbitch. Castle Rock. Alphabetical pictures Russell St.

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Top definition. The scale is used to rate females on how with with are. A "1" would be someone similar to a wrinkley old grandma unless you're into that kind of stuff.

I have yet to see a "10" as they are so rare. Home boii 1: Yo' female scale girl is a solid 10 attractiveness the Female attractiveness female Home boii 2: Damn! How much did you pay her to stay test your sorry ass? Hole boii 1: Bruh.

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Jun 6 Word of the Day. I can't breathe unknown. Simple key phrase at this moment in American history. A 1 for some people might be a 10 for others. Person 1: did you see her?

What a ten! Person 2: the female attractiveness scale? I'm totally not familar reddit that concept. With scale on which you rate a toy, based entirely on attractiveness.

A 1 with a person so with that their very presence is sickening. They must be entirely physically toy, smell awful, attractiveness their personality makes them totally unbearable. It's WITH to be a 5. People are imperfect. It could be 1-10 boobs with evaluations nipples.

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It could be he has a thing for gingers. It could be he is only attracted to female women. Every 7 is a 10 for somebody. She is a 9.

She is not a 10, she is a 9. A 10 is a 9 on all other accounts, pictures evaluations the " x factor " quality of a 7 that makes her irresistible.