Dr Nahle presents data and ME/CFS models at the Invest in ME Colloquium in London

The 7th Biomedical Research for ME Colloquium (BRMEC7) and Conference took place May 30-June 2, organized in London by Invest in ME-Re

On the left next to Dr. Zaher Nahle is SMCI Ramsay grantee Dr. Isabel Barao https://solvecfs.org/ramsay-research-team-3-metabolic-assessment-of-natural-killer-cells-in-mecfs-using-the-bioenergetics-health-index/

search, a UK-based charity. These were thoughtful and provocative events that attracted participants from all over the world. We salute the extraordinary work of the organizers, Pia Simpson and Richard Simpson, who provided an excellent experience in a gracious and professional manner, alongside the founder and chair of Invest in ME, Kathleen McCall.

The events covered a range of topics in ME/CFS translation and basic research. Scientists updated colleagues on their work and sought advice and collaboration in a collegial, yet rigorous, environment. Patient groups and advocacy organizations from many countries were also present and they too participated through questions and comments that enriched the discussion and provided perspectives throughout.

The scientific topics included:

  • biochemical pathways;
  • neuroendocrine signaling;
  • gene expression profiling;
  • system biology;
  • MicroRNAs;
  • gut microbiome;
  • discussions of clinical trials;
  • the severely ill ME/CFS;
  • disease spectrum analysis;
  • clinical diagnostic criteria;
  • biobanking;
  • immunological and virological studies;
  • immune-brain communication;
  • neuroimaging;
  • mitochondrial dysfunction;
  • B cell function in ME/CFS;
  • biochemical pathways;
  • neuroendocrine signaling;
  • gene expression profiling;
  • system biology;
  • MicroRNAs;
  • gut microbiome;
  • Metabolic studies in ME/CFS patients.

Speakers at the Colloquium and conference included leading figures and ME/CFS researchers from the United States. Around fifty scientists and observers took part in the Colloquium and more than 100 participants attended the conference. The Colloquium was kicked off by Dr. Ian Gibson a scientist and policy maker. Then Dr. Vicky Whittemore from the NIH and Dr. Elizabeth Unger from the CDC presented, touching on the NIH and CDC plans to bolster research in ME/CFS. Also speaking were Dr. Maureen Hanson, Dr. Ron Davis, Dr. Mady Hornig, Dr. James Baraniuk, Professor Nancy Klimas and Dr. Zaher Nahle. Additionally, a large cohort of European participants and investigators from Australia and New Zealand presented. These included Dr. Olli Polo, Dr. Olav Mella, Dr. Angela Vincent, and Dr. Jo Cambridge (with PhD student Fane Mensah), Dr. Jonas Bergquist, Dr. Jonas Blomberg, Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen, Dr. Don Staines.

Details on the colloquium and the conference.

Invest in ME Research founder Richard Simpson (center right) with SMCI Ramsay awardee Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen (center left) and her research team with Dr Nahle. https://solvecfs.org/ramsay-research-team-4-identifying-autoimmune-signatures-in-mecfs/



Dr. Nahle with SMCI Ramsay Awardee
Fane Mensah
Invest in ME conference organizer Richard Simpson and leading patient advocate from Norway, Kjersti Krisner, with Dr Nahle
Dr. Nahle with Dr. Ron Davis of Stanford University and Open Medicine Foundation
Dr. Nahle with ME/CFS leading expert Dr. Nancy Klimas of Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Maureen Hanson, Professor and SMCI RAC member (https://solvecfs.org/research-advisory-council/) in conversation with Dr. Nahle and SMCI President Carol Head

At the Colloquium, participants were asked to keep scientific information confidential; such measures facilitate unrestricted interaction among scientists. It creates a safe environment for sharing, as well as criticizing, raw and preliminary data that may or may not be finalized, or even validated. During the Colloquium, a range of key ME/CFS topics were discussed. They were divided into eight sessions over a period of two days. These sessions included immunology, neuroimaging, metabolomics, microbiome, clinical trials, and biomarkers. Dr Nahle, SMCI’s Chief Scientific Officer, presented new metabolomics data from SMCI’s Directed Research Program (https://solvecfs.org/new-research-project-launches-through-smcis-targeted-initiative-research-program/)

This event was a great success and keeps the momentum moving forward towards solving ME/CFS.