Dr. Maureen Hanson Visits SMCI to Discuss Ongoing Collaboration

On Monday, September 11, Dr. Maureen Hanson of Cornell University visited SMCI’s Los Angeles headquarters. Dr. Hanson’s visit was an opportunity to discuss recent developments in ME/CFS and coordinate efforts with SMCI Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President for Research, Dr. Zaher Nahle. They also addressed ongoing collaborative projects, including a discussion on a number of planned studies and events.

Current SMCI Directed Research projects with Dr. Hanson are conducted under our pathway and biomarker discovery track using advanced metabolomics (study of the chemical signatures of cellular processes) and lipidomic platforms (study of the lipid profile of cellular processes) and big data analysis of patient materials. These studies are part of SMCI’s effort to invest and initiate projects which address the knowledge gap in ME/CFS and identify functional culprits in the pathophysiology of the disease, using advanced technologies. Preliminary results are now being presented at ME/CFS conferences (e.g., Invest in ME, London) and prepared for publications.

It is also worth noting that Dr. Hanson is the Principal Investigator applicant of a Collaborative Research Center (CRC) grant through the NIH consortium competition (U54). Results of this competition are still pending and could be announced soon.

Drs. Nahle and Hanson also are part of the Harvard alumni network, as both obtained degrees from Harvard University graduate schools, so alumni affairs were also discussed.