Carol Head Participates in Meeting at UCLA Clinical and Transitional Science Institute

UCLA CTSI photoThe goal of clinical and translational science institutes (CTSIs) is to combine disciplines, resources, expertise, and techniques to promote enhancements in prevention, diagnosis, and therapies. There are now CTSI’s at most leading research universities. The UCLA CTSI is a dynamic partnership of four institutions in the Southern California area.

Located just six miles from Solve ME/CFS Initiative’s office in Los Angeles, UCLA is a natural fit for making valuable research connections. Both Carol and SMCI Chief Scientific Offer and Vice President for Research Dr. Zaher Nahle are seizing this opportunity to strengthen relationships with key researchers at UCLA.

SMCI President Carol Head was invited to sit on the UCLA CTSI Patient Advocacy Board, which meets quarterly. She was selected based on her role as a health advocate and her status as a patient with a chronic disease. Said Carol, “Clearly UCLA is a leader in medical research, and I’m honored to provide patient perspectives.”

As an Advisory Board member, Carol offers her perspectives on how to ensure the impact of CTSI’s scientific work to improve health reaches patients and family members. Additionally, she and other board members provide feedback on CTSI’s efforts to improve the engagement of patients and family members who may participate in future research topics, such as study design, study informed consent processes, study recruitment approaches, data analysis and data safety monitoring, data privacy and security, and ethics.