Lynn Royster Catalyst Profile

Lynn Royster
Dallas, TX


It took a while for her to connect with the Association, but she’s glad she did. “It was really the only organization that I saw that was doing anything substantial,” says Royster. “It had solidity and substance. Their information

She likes the Association’s research-focused strategy. “It’s the answer. What I hear from everyone is, ‘I just want to be well.’ Focusing on research gets us to the nub of the problem while also providing us with public awareness opportunities,” Royster says. “I like the way the Association does research; it doesn’t run off and throw money at random things. I like Suzanne Vernon’s emphasis on the scientific protocol that the rest of us don’t think about but that makes studies valid. I like the role the Association takes in bringing researchers together and ensuring they do good research. I like it that it’s the only organization that takes a comprehensive look at the problem.” was always accurate, always thoughtful, never hysterical.”Lynn Royster’s son Patrick Holaday was never a sick kid. But one day in 1986, he got the flu and never got better. And her family was changed for ever.

Royster’s gift to THECatalystFUND continues her tradition of Association support. Beyond finding a cure, which is her number-one hope, she looks to the Fund to advance the cause of CFS by sparking other research studies, funding pilot studies and bringing researchers and other funding sources together.

“Now is the time to support the Fund!” says Royster. “There is so much on the horizon, so many possibilities. My son’s illness affected my life and my family’s life immeasurably. Anything we can do to help him helps our family and helps everybody else.”