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Prohibited Conduct

  • No cursing, foul language, personal attacks or nasty remarks (also known as “flaming”).
  • No commercial announcements – e.g., no promoting any products, services or business opportunities.  Comments from individuals about treatments they found to be helpful may remain on the blog; posts from commercial entities will be removed.
  • No proselytizing (trying to convert anyone to your religious or political beliefs).
  • No questioning a poster’s degree of illness (e.g., no “I’m sicker than you are,” or “You can’t REALLY have CFS” implications).
  • No posting of content generally deemed offensive (e.g,. graphic description of sexual or violent acts, or bodily functions).
  • No use of material protected by intellectual property law (e.g., copyrights, trademarks).
  • No submissions from email addresses that cannot be authenticated.
  • No spamming (to include the deliberate abuse of this system to promote another website).
  • No off-topic rants — e.g., short, concise comments on an individual post’s topics versus expressing lengthy world views and passions.
  • No linking back to affiliate programs in the body of comments and/or as a link or anchor text in the commentor’s name.

Very Good Ideas

  • Give newcomers a break. Everyone’s new sometime, and newbies naturally make inadvertent mistakes.
  • Brevity is a good thing. If you want your message read, you’re best off keeping it short and on-topic. Most readers will just automatically skip past long, rambling messages.


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