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News & Alerts

October 25 – Our Strategic Commitment, Critical Initiatives and Growing Team
October 22 – Introducing Solve M.E. Advocacy Month!
October 13 – The Clinical Treatment Act is Delivering Results
October 6 – A Win for All of Us
September 29 – Meet the 2021 Ramsay Researchers!
September 15 – Solve M.E./UCLA Announce Pilot Funding for ME/CFS Research
September 7 – You + ME Turns One!
August 26 -U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition Releases Updated Clinical Guidance That Could Help Those with Long Covid
August 25- Newly Published Research Connects ME/CFS and Covid-19
August 23 – Solve M.E. and Six Other Organizations Tackle Catastrophic Lack of ME/CFS Case Tracking in the U.S.
August 20 – We’re Taking the CDC’s Draft Review of ME/CFS Diagnosis and Treatment to Congress
August 16 – Winners of New Stupski Data Analysis Awards Announced
August 10 – Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Understand Long Covid
August 9 – Solve M.E. Advocacy Changing the Face and Funding of Clinical Trials
August 8 – Observing Severe ME Day
July 29 – New Solve M.E. Study Investigates Use of Simple Saliva Sample to Diagnose ME/CFS
July 27 – Biden Administration Announces Long Covid Resources & Support
July 23 – Long COVID Alliance in TIME and The New York Times
June 22 – The Path to Diagnostics for ME/CFS: Can Long Covid Pave a Short-Cut?
June 16 – Solve M.E. CEO Oved Amitay Joins World Health Organization Seminar on Long COVID
May 13 – Solve M.E., Long COVID Alliance Highlighted in U.S. News & World Report
May 12 – Our Biggest Advocacy Week Ever, and You Made it Happen!
May 12 – Postdoctoral Fellowship to Foster Trans-Atlantic ME/CFS Research Collaboration
April 30 – You + ME Registry Partners with Emerge Australia to Open Australian ME/CFS Registry
April 9 – Solve M.E. President Oved Amitay Featured on PBS’ White House Chronicle
April 2 – Solve M.E. takes the lead in ME/CFS and Long COVID Education
March 23 – Watch now! Oved Amitay talks to Llewellyn King on “ME/CFS Alert”
March 16 – Solve M.E. Partners with UCLA on ME/CFS Research on Brain Stimulation
March 11- Advocacy Week Kicks Off with Virtual Keynote Address by Rep. Jamie Raskin
March 4 – Meet Our 2021 Advocacy Week Partners
February 25 – Solve M.E. Spearheads Formation of Long COVID Alliance to Accelerate Post-Infectious Research
February 22 – Ramsay Grant Program 2021 RFA is Open!
February 19 – Registration Now Open for Solve M.E. 2021 Advocacy Day!
February 8 – Solve M.E. President Oved Amitay joins World Health Organization seminar on long COVID
February 4 – 10 ME/CFS Organizations Join Solve M.E.’s Letter to Congress Recommending Priorities for Federal COVID-19 Relief Package

January 26 – NIH Launches Database to Track Neurological Symptoms Associated with COVID-19
January 22 – In Review: A Year of COVID-19 in the U.S.
January 14 – Finding Resources and Creating Opportunity: 2020 ME/CFS Federal Advocacy Report
January 8 – Memorial fund for son of ME/CFS champion Rep. Jamie Raskin

December 23 – You helped secure $1.15 billion for research!
December 18 – History made! Department of Defense Funds Its First-Ever ME/CFS Research Projects
December 17 – You + ME Registry Reaches New Milestone: 2,000 Registrations
December 16 – You + ME has joined the world’s biggest study of ME/CFS
December 10 – Solve M.E. Joins 57 Other Organizations In a Call to Action for Health Equity
December 4 – Chronic Disease Stakeholders Join SOLVE M.E. in Push for Federally Funded Research into Long COVID 
November 20 – ME/CFS Federal Funding: What We Know So Far
November 18 – The Solve M.E. Fall 2020 Edition of The Chronicle is Available Online Now
November 17 – Double Your Giving Power—Support ME/CFS Research and Advocacy
November 13 – November is National Family Caregivers Month
October 27 – Register for Our December Webinar! “You + ME: A Registry for the Whole ME/CFS Community”
October 20 – Honoring People with ME/CFS for Invisible Disabilities Week
October 8 – 43 Bipartisan Co-Sponsors Pledge Support for ME/CFS Bill
October 5 – Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Article Brings Awareness to Long-COVID and Solve M.E. Registry as a Tool for Research
September 12 -Watch Our H.R. 7057 Town Hall Meeting
September 9 -The Solve M.E. H.R. 7057 Action Toolkit is Here!
August 28 – Solve M.E. Advocacy Director Emily Taylor Answers All Your Questions About H.R. 7057 in this Q&A and Town Hall!
August 20 – ME/CFS and COVID-19 Long-Haulers: Read Our Op-ed in The Guardian
August 17 – Watch now! The Congressional Roundtable on Women’s Chronic Illness During a Pandemic
July 10 – Your Advocacy In Action Part 1: ME/CFS Senate Resolution Introduced​​​
June 16 – The Solve M.E. Spring 2020 Chronicle is available online now!
June 11 – Together, We’re Sponsoring an Historic ME/CFS Legislation!
May 29 – You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of People with M.E.
May 20 – SENATE Advocacy Action: $60m for ME/CFS Research
May 1 – Solve M.E. Funded Study Shows Evidence of Pathogen-driven Connection to Energy Production Problems in ME/CFS
April 25 – Thank you for attending the 2020 EmPOWER M.E. Roundtable: How to Navigate Disability Insurance with ME/CFS!
April 24 – We’re not done, yet! ME/CFS Advocacy Week Ends April 26!
April 23 –  ME/CFS Advocacy Week Continues…Can You Hear M.E. Now?
April 22 – ME/CFS Advocacy Day 2020 Was the Biggest Ever! | Help Us Say Thank You
April 14 – Leveraging the You + M.E. Registry to Study COVID-19
April 10 – Solve ME/CFS Advocacy Week ONLINE Schedule is here!
April 8 – Magnify your voice! Make a gift to Solve M.E. and Support ME/CFS Advocacy and Research today!
April 3 – Register for Virtual ME/CFS Congressional Meetings from Home: Deadline Extended for Key States!
March 30 – Solve M.E. Partners with UCLA to Expand ME/CFS Research
March 20 – One week left to register for ME/CFS Advocacy Day REMOTE meetings!
March 18 – Solve M.E. and COVID-19
March 12 – COVID-19 Expert Webinar & NEW Registration for ME/CFS Advocacy Day
March 10 – Solve M.E. Announces 2020 ME/CFS Advocacy Week Virtual Transition in Response to COVID-19
February 20 – Meet the new members of the Solve M.E. Community Advisory Council
February 14 – Advocacy Success! Florida Members of Congress Take Action for ME/CFS
January 28 – Stunning Findings of New Pediatric ME/CFS Prevalence Study
January 17 – Big News in ME/CFS Research Funding
January 14 – Victory! Six Major Federal Wins for ME/CFS


November 7 – Our biggest Ramsay Research Grant class EVER, new ME/CFS research webinars, and more!
October 10 – Solve M.E. Announces Inaugural 2020 Community Advisory Council (CAC)September 25 – Advances in ME/CFS Research and Clinical Care
September 20 –HR 913: The Clinical Treatment Act
September 17 – Winning and Waiting: A Federal Funding Update for ME/CFS
September 10 – NANDS Working Group’s Strategic, Coordinated Approach to ME/CFS
August 13 – Solve M.E. Partners with International Collaborative on Australian Biobank & Registry
April 11 – National Institutes of Health Conferences Demonstrate ME/CFS Progress: How Far We’ve Come and How Far We Need to Go


December 21 – Solve M.E. Funds Two New ME/CFS Research Studies!
December 18 – 42 Members of Congress Deliver for ME/CFS
December 7 – Join the You + ME movement!
October 9 – Announcing the 2018 Ramsay Research Grant Class
September 24 – Justice Center honors ME/CFS advocate
September 6 – Action Alert: HHS Dissolves CFSAC
September 5 – Report from the CDC Medical Education Roundtable
May 31 – Advocacy Director Emily Taylor On Sharing the Success of ME/CFS Advocacy Week
May 11 – Solve M.E. Marks ME/CFS Awareness Day
March 8 – Members of Congress Come Together to Stand for ME/CFS

Sep. 20 – Debunking ME/CFS Myths: The HPV Vaccine 
Aug. 15 – Announcing Solve M.E.’s New ME/CFS Research Program at Brigham’s and Women Hospital
Aug. 15 – Dr. Jose Montoya’s Latest Publication Links ME/CFS Severity with Inflammation

Dec. 7 – BREAKING: 5 ME/CFS Research Studies Funded
Nov. 7 – Denounce Controversial Speaker at the NIH
Oct. 17 – NIH: Genetic Explanation Uncovered with Links to ME/CFS Symptoms
Sept. 21 – Good News! Pace Trial Debunked
Aug. 18 – Health Rising & Business Wire: Did MITOQ Mend Us?
Aug. 12 – Gut Microbiome and ME/CFS — Research Study Conclusion
Apr. 8 – Dr. Susan Levin’s Responses to Follow-Up Webinar Questions
Aug. 7 – Bel Mara Health, Women’s Health: ME/CFS Associated with Early Menopause Study

Feb. 27 – Guest Blog: Dr. Lucinda Bateman on the Discussion Surrounding the IOM Report
Feb. 10 – IOM Report Released — Recommends New Diagnostic Criteria, Calls for More Research, and Proposes New Disease Name

Jan. 17 – Guest Blog: Armin Alaedini, PhD — The Search for Food Sensitivity Biomarkers in ME/CFS
Dec. 18 – Making Reasonable Accommodations for ME/CFS Students
Sep. 9 – Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian ME/CFS Interview in LA

Measures of General Pediatric Quality of Life
Nov. 21 – Deciphering Post-Exertional Malaise

Post-extertional Malaise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Jan. 25 – Manual Therapy in ME/CFS
Nov. 27 – Guest Blog: Rocky Mountain Highs, Anna Zapp
Sep 9. – Guest Blog: Dr. Peter Rowe — Is the Physical Examination Normal in ME/CFS?
Sep. 6 – Treatment FYI: Controlling Pain