An Important Update from Carol Head at SMCI

In my nearly six years as a member of the SMCI family, I have come to appreciate the depth of caring and understanding in our community. We are deeply bonded by our shared experiences with this terrible disease, which is why I want to speak to you directly about how my own battle with ME/CFS is impacting my work here at SMCI.

Please watch the video below in which I address my upcoming transition from the role of SMCI President and CEO to that of SMCI Board Member.

I know you all understand the maddening, difficult tension between self-care and continuing to live your life as you’d like. This has been a wrenching decision, but, for my health, I must step down in the months ahead.

Our board of directors have engaged a highly capable, national search firm to find a new CEO. They will find an exceptional leader to continue and accelerate the momentum of our work at SMCI.

I’m hopeful about what new leadership could mean for SMCI. And our organization has always been much more than any one person. Our Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Sadie Whittaker, our Director of Advocacy and Community Relations Emily Taylor, and the rest of our highly capable staff will see to it that our next President and CEO is fully supported when they join our team.

I am grateful for the support of so many in the ME/CFS community, and I look forward to seeing many of you in DC on April 3 as we storm Congress, together.


Carol Head
President and CEO