SMCI Supplies Samples for Two New Research Studies

biobanklogo-main-for-siteSMCI is providing research materials and samples to support two new ME/CFS research projects through our Solve CFS BioBank and Patient Registry. The first project, which is led by Drs. Dorothy Hudig and Isabel Silvestre at the University of Nevada, will explore genetic links as well as biochemical alterations in ME/CFS. The research is funded by an NIH exploratory grant and will begin later this month. Dr. Hudig is a senior investigator and biochemist by training who brings invaluable expertise to the field. Dr. Silvestre has a long history of studying this disease, both as an accomplished scientist and as the Scientific Director of the Simmaron Research Foundation.

The other study, by Drs. Mercedes Rincon and David Maughan at the University of Vermont, is looking for aspects of post-translational modifications in ME/CFS patients. Professor Rincon, who is new to ME/CFS research, brings curiosity and fresh thinking to the disease. In addition to being an accomplished scientist in the field of molecular cardiology, Dr. Maughan has a personal connection to the disease as his wife had to abandon her successful career as a result of ME/CFS. The study is already under way.

The Solve CFS BioBank and Patient Registry serves as a resource for all investigators who want to conduct research on ME/CFS. Researchers interested in acquiring samples should contact Dr. Zaher Nahle, Vice President for Research and Scientific Programs, at ME/CFS patients and their healthy friends and family members who would like to join the BioBank and Patient Registry should contact Veena Manohar at