The Ramsay Award Program Has Three Main Objectives:

INVEST in original ideas that could clarify the onset, progression, root causes, and natural history of ME/CFS.

CREATE permissive environments to attract, support, and retain talent in the ME/CFS community and help awardees generate relevant data to compete for long-term federal funding.

FACILITATE collaboration and cross-pollination among dedicated researchers through the sharing of resources and access to additional programming and the organization’s network.

Meet the Winning 2017 Ramsay Research Teams


Team 1 (Sweden)

Blomberg – Uppsala University Hospital

Bergquist – Uppsala University

Gottfries – Gottfries Clinic

Olof Zachrisson – Gottfries Clinic

Read the Abstract: Biomarkers for initiation (infection) and metabolic derangement in ME/CFS


Team 2 (USA & Spain)

Lubov Nathanson – Nova Southeastern University

Vladimir Beljanski– Nova Southeastern University

Malav Suchin Trivedi – Nova Southeastern University

Elisa Oltra – Universidad Católica de Valencia

Read the Abstract: Effect of ME/CFS on epigenetic regulation in specific immune cell types


Team 3 (United Kingdom)

Fiona Newberry – Quadram Institute Bioscience

Simon Carding – Quadram Institute Bioscience

Tom Wileman – University of East Anglia

Read the Abstract: Investigating alterations in the intestinal virome in CFS/ME


Team 4 (Germany)

Carmen Scheibenbogen – Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Franziska Sotzny – Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Read the Abstract: Immunometabolism of T cells and monocytes in ME/CFS


Team 5 (Israel)

Eran Segal – Weizmann Institute of Science

Read the Abstract: Deciphering antibody reactivities against autoantigens & the microbiome in ME/CFS