2014 IACFSME Summary by Dr. Komaroff

March 20-23, 2014 the IACFS/ME Biennial Conference, “Translating Science into Clinical Care”, was held in San Francisco. As is tradition, the IACFS/ME asked Dr. Komaroff to deliver a summary of the conference upon it’s conclusion.

In Dr. Komaroff’s review, the questions he saw addressed by many of the presentations were:

  • In an illness defined exclusively by subjective symptoms, is there evidence of objective underlying biological abnormalities?
  • Could those biological abnormalities theoretically explain the symptoms?
  • Do the abnormalities in fact correlate with the symptoms?

In this video (synced audio and PowerPoint presentation), Dr. Komaroff revisits those questions as he breaks down a summary review of the conference.

This presentation, as well as all of the Association’s webinars and other videos, are available on our YouTube Channel.