XMRV Not Associated with CFS

Three participating labs used their own tests to look for XMRV and related viruses in samples freshly collected fPress-conference-picture-2rom 147 well-defined CFS cases or 146 matched controls. Speaking at a press conference that morning, Dr. Lipkin stated, “[The labs involved] found no evidence of XMRV or related viruses in either the subjects with CFS/ME or the controls. Everyone here at this podium, scientists around the world, are committed to solving this problem.” Dr. Judy Mikovits, senior author on the Science paper that heralded the breakthrough said, “We have rigorously excluded our original work. We looked carefully and it is simply not there.” (mBio, Sept. 18, 2012, full text) For more information about this study, please see these two posts on our Research1st blog: The De-Discovery of XMRV and Multicenter Study Reports No XMRV.

Tags: , September 18, 2012