XMRV Link Not Confirmed

A comprehensive follow-up study of XMRV using multiple testing methods on freshly JVI-figure-corrected-300x244collected samples from 100 well-characterized clinic patients, 200 healthy volunteers from the same geographic area and 14 patients who had previously tested positive for XMRV by investigators at the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI). The team, led by senior author Ila Singh, PhD, processed, tested and analyzed all samples in an identical fashion. In spite of these measures and every hope of obtaining a positive result, they could not detect XMRV or polytropic MLVs in any of the samples and therefore could not confirm the link between this family of retroviruses and CFS. Of note is that the study followed a template published in the Nov. 3, 2010, issue of Viruses by Dr. Singh that suggests a definitive study of retroviral sequences in CFS. (Journal of Virology, e-published ahead of print on May 4, 2011; print edition July 15, 2011) This study attracted coverage by the Wall StreetJournal, ScienceInsider (Science magazine), Nature NewsBlog (Nature magazine), Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report and other outlets. “The Iteration of X,” an analysis prepared by the Solve ME/CFS Initiative’s scientific director and CEO, describes the study design and authors’ conclusions.

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