Two of a Kind

Dr. Jose Montoya of Stanford University and colleagues from several other institutions report outcomes of two siblings found to have chromosomally-integrated HHV-6A after successful treatment with antiviral therapies. The two individuals had multiple health problems marked by neurological signs from age 5 and 4 (respectively) that interfered with their education and other activities throughout childhood. The report explores the finding of the chromosomally integrated HHV-6A was passed from the mother, who Montoya-JCV-300x214is healthy, to the two offspring (described here) and a third sibling who is healthy. It also addresses the limitations of commercial clinical tests for HHV-6 and precautions that should be taken with antiviral therapies. The report does not state that either patient was diagnosed with CFS, but HHV-6 has been implicated in some studies of CFS. The work reported in this article was supported by the HHV-6 Foundation. (Journal of Clinical Virology, July 9, 2012)

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