Treatment Matters: Orthostatic Intolerance

ProAmatine (midodrine) is a prescription drug used to treat low blood pressure and dizziness in conditions including orthostatic intolerance. It is a mainstay for many CFS patients and there was understandable panic when the manufacturer, Shire, announced that it would withdraw it from the market effective Sept. 30, 2010. Shire’s decision followed notice from FDA that post-marketing studies done to date were inconclusive to maintain marketing approval for the drug. On Sept. 3, the FDA reversed its decision and agreed to allow ProAmatine to stay on the market while additional studies are conducted. Read the details in this New York Times story.

Our Sept. 1 webinar on Managing Orthostatic Intolerance featuring Peter Rowe, MD, has quickly become one of the most popular in our series. The recording and slides are available on our site, as is a tremendous printed resource from Dr. Rowe’s clinic at Johns Hopkins.

September 3, 2010