Transforming Research: A Slideshow

Association News, Get Involved!, Understanding CFS | 02. Dec, 2011 by | 2 Comments

For 24 years, the Solve ME/CFS Initiative has steadfastly committed to making CFS widely understood, diagnosable, curable and preventable. We have evolved to meet new challenges and adapt to changing realities. Now, as the vast majority of our supporters have urged, we’ve narrowed our focus to research.

This week, in a series of Research1st posts, we have reported on progress in advancing our new research-focused strategy and described how we intend to transform the research landscape. In the slideshow below, we recap those accomplishments and show you how we’ve positioned the organization to lead transformation.

We have also introduced The Catalyst Fund, a fund that will speed discovery and transform the way that CFS research is conducted. With the name of the fund, we hoped to illustrate the important role that supporters can play. In science, catalysts are substances that change the rate of chemical reactions. “Positive” catalysts speed a particular reaction. We invite you to become a Catalyst and to help transform research and speed progress for better patient care. Gifts of every size are needed to reach the $2 million goal and will be gratefully recognized as part of The Catalyst Fund. Thank you for your generous support!

December 2, 2011