Top 10 Reasons to Support the CFIDS Association

Transforming-Research1-300x221The Solve ME/CFS Initiative has set a new course and is transforming the way that research is done. We’ve established The Catalyst Fund to fuel the next phase of our research program and have spent the last few months recruiting Catalysts who recognize the need for a new approach and innovative leadership. We are working hard to reach the campaign goal of $2 million, the funding needed to immediately act on the plans described in the article titled, “Looking to the Future.”

From our Transforming Research slideshow, we give you the “top 10″ reasons to consider the Solve ME/CFS Initiative as you make year-end gifts:

#10: We narrowed our focus to execute the following strategy: “To stimulate research aimed at the early detection, objective diagnosis and effective treatment of CFS through expanded public, private and commercial investment.”

SAB-300x193#9: We deepened our expertise with the addition of a multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board comprised of 12 individuals from top institutions nationwide.

#8: We have learned from and are collaborating with other innovative organizations working to end suffering caused by common and rare diseases.

#7: We developed a rigorous review process to select the strongest research proposals based on scientific and strategic merit. We are in the final stages of reviewing 26 proposals submitted in response to our 2011 Request for Applications.

#6: We networked our funded investigators and required them to work together.

Integration-300x217#5: We worked closely with our grantees to ensure their projects yielded results, securing nearly $5 million in follow-on funding from institutions like the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense.

#4: We established a patient registry and biobank for clinical data and samples – the SolveCFS BioBank – to bridge the gap between patients, physicians and laboratory scientists.

#3: We conducted our first collaborative BioBank study and enrolled 449 active participants. Additional studies are in various stages.

#2: Our full-time scientific director, Dr. Suzanne Vernon, has engaged researchers, policy makers and patients around the world and has helped gain wide recognition for the Association as the leading resource for credible research information.

#1: We are dedicated to the mission to make CFS widely understood, diagnosable, curable and preventable. We will succeed – for you.

December 29, 2012