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By Suzanne Vernon, PhD, Scientific Director

Stockholm-Seminar-on-ME-300x225On August 24 in Stockholm, Sweden, I will join Drs. Anthony Komaroff and Yasuyoshi Watanabe with our host, Dr. Birgitta Evengard, for a one-day seminar on ME/CFS. National board of health officials, health care providers, scientists and patients will be in attendance. The Commissioner of Health Care from the Stockholm County Council will open the meeting, followed by presentation on the gender perspective in health care and research by Professor Karin Schenck- Gustavsson. Dr. Per Julin will describe the new ME/CFS project and clinic that he directs in Stockholm. Dr. Komaroff will provide an overview of the biology of CFS and Professor Watanabe will present some of the Japanese research team’s latest research on metabolic disturbance in CFS.  I will close the day-long seminar with a presentation about how the Solve ME/CFS Initiative is transforming CFS research. I will review the history of CFS, looking back to the early 1900s and cluster outbreaks that were described using a variety of terms, followed by evidence that CFS still appears to be a consequence of modern day infectious disease outbreaks. I will close with examples of how the Solve ME/CFS Initiative is innovating the approach to CFS research with its network of investigators, the SolveCFS BioBank and collaborative efforts to standardize data and sample collection.


Figure courtesy of Gordon Broderick, PhD

Dr. Evengard and I will then travel to the University of Umea in northern Sweden where Dr. Evengard chairs the department of infectious diseases.  I have been invited to give a lecture about CFS to molecular biology Ph.D. candidates. This lecture will emphasize the importance of systems biology to understand the CFS disease course.  I will share recent research findings from my collaborator and Solve ME/CFS Initiative -funded investigator Dr. Gordon Broderick to illustrate how multiple measures and molecules can be combined for a snapshot of the CFS disease process. Dr. Evengard has told me that the Ph.D. students are really sharp and enjoy learning about cutting edge approaches to understanding disease.  So I am excited to have some of the latest and hottest research to share!

Suzanne Vernon, PhD, is the Association’s scientific director. She has nearly two decades of experience as a microbiologist.

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A video recording of Dr. Vernon’s presentation:

Dr Suzanne Vernon från CFIDS, om ME/CFS from on Vimeo.

Article from Stockholm newspaper, Aug. 24, 2011, translated using Google Translate.

Sweden-paper-2-289x300Interview with Dr. Anthony Komaroff published in DN, Sweden’s largest circulation newspaper, on Sept. 5, 2011. Translated using Google Translate.

Dr. Komaroff’s slide presentation from the program:

August 24, 2011