Post-Infection Cytokine Signature

Gordon Broderick et al., compared multiple immune system measurements over time in a group of girls who recBroderick-et-alovered from infectious mono (EBV infection) to a group who didn’t recover and met criteria for CFS at 24 months. They report, “differences were especially evident when cast in the context of [immune system chemicals] IL-1a, IL-2 and IFN-γ. This evidence points to a possible dysregulation of the innate system’s priming of the appropriate adaptive Th17 response in these subjects.” The authors, including CFIDS Association scientific director Dr. Suzanne Vernon, suggest that this profile offers a possible diagnostic test for post-infectious CFS with more study. (Journal of Translational Medicine, Sept. 13, 2012) This study was funded by the Solve ME/CFS Initiative . More info:

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