Not One Alone

We are witnessing an extraordinary time in the fight to solve CFS, and the most important word in this sentence is “WE.”

Scientific interest in CFS is at an all-time high. Sustained media coverage by top outlets reaching the public and the scientific and medical communities has consistently presented CFS as a serious, life-altering condition that affects millions and warrants more attention. Activism in the patient community has been energized by new efforts spurred by individuals and small groups to engage policy makers and remind them of the harsh realities that CFS presents. Thought leaders within science, medicine, policy and government are responding and meaningful change is beginning to occur.

The culmination of these events proves a powerful and essential point: CFS will not be solved by one person or one organization alone.

Not one patient alone can give voice to the suffering inflicted by CFS.

Not one researcher alone can supply the evidence needed to objectively diagnose and effectively treat CFS.

Not one clinician alone can treat the one million or more Americans afflicted with CFS.

Not one government agency alone can deliver the services needed by people with CFS.

Not one legislator alone can allocate the research funding necessary to solve CFS.

Not one organization alone can exert the necessary pressure or provide the essential knowledge to the patients, researchers, clinicians, agencies, and policy makers that must coordinate efforts on all fronts to defeat CFS.

We need a diversity of strategies and tactics. We need a chorus of voices and opinions. We need coordination of effort, sharing of expertise and collaboration on a level greater than the CFS community has ever attempted.

At this critical time in CFS history, the Solve ME/CFS Initiative stands with you, firm in our resolve to stimulate research aimed at the early detection, objective diagnosis and effective treatment of CFS through expanded public, private, and commercial investment. None of us is in this fight alone.

The Board of Directors
The Solve ME/CFS Initiative

November 9, 2010