No XMRV Detected in Twin Pairs Discordant for CFS

Keith Jerome at University of Washington and colleagues tested a total of 85 samples from same-sex twin pairs recruited to the Chronic Fatigue Twin Registry by Dedra Buchwald, MD. Twin pairs in this cohort, one of whom has CFS (by 1994 Fukuda criteria) and the other does not, have been studied extensively. The team used four PCR assays to test banked samples for XMRV under blinded conditions. Apart from one inconclusive result on a twin who does not have CFS, XMRV was not found in any of the twins with CFS. The authors conclude, “…our results do not appear to be consistent with the original report of XMRV being present in 67 percent of patients with CFS.” Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, (July 26, 2011)

Tags: , July 26, 2011