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Each month we bring you important research news, resources, and information to inform and empower you. This month is no different, but first I'd like to share something from my heart. If I could, I'd meet with each and every one of you personally, but since I can't, I'd like to tell you more about my walk with ME/CFS through this video.

My hope is that the work we do will one day bring each and every person impacted by ME/CFS better health so that they may lead the full, rich life they were meant to live.

Together we can Solve ME/CFS.

Carol E Head
President and CEO
Research Digest - October: The Search for Diagnostic Certainty

Currently ME/CFS is defined by symptoms that are common in many other medical and psychiatric diseases. A lack of specific biomarkers and clear diagnostic criteria often leads to misdiagnosis and muddied research results. In this month’s Research Digest in this month’s Research Digest we review three different studies that look at diseases that are common among patients labeled as ME/CFS and to identify more specific biomarkers for ME/CFS.

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Lucinda Bateman, MD: Can ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Research Help You Sleep?
Friday, Nov 14

Carol Head & Suzanne D Vernon, PhD: 2014 ME/CFS Research Review
Tuesday, Dec 16

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P2P Draft Evidence Review:  Can A Process that is Inappropriate for ME/CFS Inform the Research Path Forward?
The Pathway to Prevention draft evidence review has been released. Can a process that seems inappropriate for ME/CFS help inform a path forward? SMCI has utilized the collective brainpower of our Research Advisory Council, led by our scientific director, Suzanne D Vernon, PhD, to perform a careful review and response to the Evidence-Based Practice Centers’ draft evidence-based review for ME/CFS. 

Article in APA Monitor Seeks to Dispel Myths about CFS
A recent article in the APA Monitor, a publication that reaches 130,000 professionals in the field of Psychology, seeks to dispel myths about ME/CFS.

This is a story that is long overdue. As the largest association of psychologists, the APA can and should play a role in dispelling disbelief that ME/CFS is a serious, debilitating illness. SMCI is happy to have helped this article come to fruition. Treating ME/CFS as a psychosomatic disorder is a practice that simply must end. It is our hope that this article in the hands of more than 130,000 professionals that are in a position to incite that change will begin to move us all forward.

Carol Head Interviewed by Llewellyn King
Recently, Carol Head, SMCI President and CEO, sat down with Llewellyn King of the ME/CFS Alert. 

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