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Since our organization was founded in 1987, we have been the leading organization focused on this illness. Over the years, we’re proud of our remarkable advances regarding this controversial and misunderstood disease. So while our name has changed, our mission steadfastly remains the same: We will make ME/CFS understood, diagnosable and treatable.

We continue to provide more funding for high-quality ME/CFS studies, foster increased collaboration among ME/CFS researchers and push the federal government to make ME/CFS research a higher priority. We are working to leverage our experience, relationships and collective knowledge to propel the ME/CFS research field forward. We are a catalyst for scientific advances that translate into better care for ME/CFS patients. We are accelerating ME/CFS research.

As we continue our efforts, it is fitting that we have a name that more accurately reflects who we are: Solve ME/CFS Initiative
Thank you for being a part of all we do.

Carol E Head
President and CEO
Research Digest - Neuroinflammation in ME/CFS

Neuroimaging has been used to study the structural, functional and metabolic effects of ME/CFS on the brain in ME/CFS patients for the past 25 years. To date there are about 50 papers in the peer-reviewed biomedical literature describing these findings. Even at this time the neuroimaging findings, when examined in the context of the patients' symptoms, implicated inflammation as the culprit. The brain was long thought to be immune privileged, which means it is an organ that is relatively free from or only experiences limited inflammation. 

We now know that the brain has dynamic two-way communication with the peripheral immune system and that there are immune cells that reside in the brain. These brain immune cells are called microglia – a specialized immune cell known as a macrophage. Think of macrophages and microglia as the “Pac Man” of the immune system – gobbling up damaged cells and infectious agents. Microglia are important to keeping the central nervous system environment free from inflammation and in a healthy state. But too much microglia activity over long periods of time causes inflammation – known as neuroinflammation – and this is detrimental to the brain. 
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The Synergy Trial 

( is currently enrolling patients at four U.S. research sites to test an innovative therapy for CFS/ME. 

Doctors Nancy Klimas, Jose Montoya, Sue Levine, and Lucinda Bateman are the researchers. Enrollment is currently ongoing with 40 additional patients needed. Dr. Jon Kaiser, Medical Director of K-PAX Pharmaceuticals, describes the history, mechanism of action, and preliminary data associated with this innovative and exciting new treatment in the webcast below.

The webcast can be viewed by clicking this link:

Dr. Vernon, SMCI Scientific Director, Represents ME/CFS at Life Sciences Meeting
Dr. Vernon, Solve ME/CFS Initiative Scientific Director,advocates for ME/CFS at Life Sciences Meeting. Her scholarship to this prestigious event gives her the opportunity to network, listen and learn from global leaders from industry, regulatory agencies, academia and the other patient advocate fellows. 

Webinar Series - Save the Dates!
In July we will begin a free, monthly webinar series that will highlight the important work being done through our Research Institute Without Walls and our SolveCFS BioBank. Topics will including reports of progress from several of our funded investigators. 

July 31
Research Institute Without Walls
Overview and Update

August 21
Investigator Report - Patrick McGowan

September 18
Investigator Report, Dane Cook

October 1
Investigator Report, Gerya Unutmaz

Anyone interested in participating can visit, watch our Facebook page for details, and access the RSVP link in next month's Research1st e-newsletter. More details will be published soon.

Guest blogger, Kevin Guibara, shares the story of his life with ME/CFS thus far and his vision for a future ahead where we can and will solve ME/CFS.

Read his story HERE

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