Multicenter Study of XMRV Does Not Support Link

Phase III of the Blood XMRV Scientific Research Working Group study tested samples collected from 15 individuals who were previously positive for XMRV or MLVs, 15 pedigreed negative subjects and 3 spiked positive controls. Nine participating labs used a total of 19 assays, most of which had excellent sensitivity. Only two labs found positive results in clinical samples, and the positives were as likely to be from controls as the prior-positive subjects. “Based on these findings, we conclude that currently available XMRV/P-MLV assays… cannot reproducibly detect direct virus markers or specific antibodies in blood samples from subjects previously characterized as XMRV/P-MLV positive or healthy blood donors.” This study was published with a partial retraction of data from the original report linking XMRV to CFS, as well as an 8-page news article. Find more resources here. (Science, online ahead of print on Sept. 22, 2011)

Tags: , September 22, 2011