Who should I tell about my illness? How do I explain CFIDS to them?

October 18, 2013


YPWCs need to decide for themselves who needs to know about CFIDS. It is best to tell people who NEED to know, such as school officials. You may want to formulate a short description to give to casual friends and extended family. You may want to give a more detailed description and maybe some articles and medical material about CFIDS to close friends and family. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t understand, as this is a very hard illness to relate to. 


“For Those Who Care” is information from The Solve ME/CFS Initiative to help families and friends of persons with CFIDS understand the illness and how to help.


“Tell whoever you feel comfortable telling… always be honest.” –Vanessa Matthews 


“Find some information that you think best describes CFIDS and keep it handy to give people.” –Lara Hardinge 

“The hardest thing about growing up with CFIDS is to not become as invisible as the illness itself.”  


~Catherine Matheny
Birthdate: March 12, 1974
CFIDS Onset: August 1983