What can I say to people who do not understand?

October 18, 2013

Try to find out what they are confused about and give them information about it. Sometimes there’s not much that can be said to make people understand. Sometimes just explaining that CFIDS is hard to explain and understand can help. It is hard, but be patient! 

“Remember, most people have never heard about CFIDS. This is all new to them, as it is for you.” –Tammy Pullins 

“You need to keep in mind that before you got sick you probably didn’t understand CFIDS either… in time people will learn to understand.” –Jen Day

“I am in 10th grade, but have never been in my high school. Tutors come to my home. I would like to go to school and make some friends.”  

~Sarah Loreman
Birthdate: June 12, 1982
CFIDS Onset: April 1991