What can I expect the course of this illness to be?

October 18, 2013

Everyone is different! CFIDS can last from several months to years. Some people improve gradually, while others go through periods of relapses and remissions. Some people are bedridden, some people can go out of the house occasionally and some people can work or go to school. 

“The course of CFIDS is never the same for two different people… you may be at a different level next month or next year.” –Sandra Becker  

“It varies for everyone, but expect the unexpected and don’t put your life on hold while waiting to get better — enjoy whatever you can in life!” –Lauren Jonik 

“This is a very destructive,  misunderstood disease.  There is much more to it than being tired.”  

 ~Allison Baldwin
Birthdate: May 26, 1979
CFIDS Onset: 1995