What activities are fun but don’t take much energy?

October 18, 2013

The activities you can do now are many and varied! Depending upon how you are feeling on a given day, you could see a movie or a play, listen to music or do a craft project such as needle point, painting, coloring or taking photographs. Perhaps you might organize a photo album or scrapbook, talk on the phone, write letters, write poetry, read short stories, work on a puzzle or play a board game. Other restful options include sitting outside and watching nature or the neighborhood activity, enjoying pets or watching the stars come out. Many of the things you enjoyed before CAN be adapted to where you are now! 

“Collect something… find quiet toys that you can play with laying down… start a windowsill garden… take up birdwatching.” –Jenn Waterman  

“I watch movies… or read magazines… they’re short and can be put down whenever I feel too sick to continue… ” –Kendra Spiegel  

“CFIDS robs young people of energy, but more importantly it robs them of a fair chance to spread their wings and chase their dreams.”  

 ~Sandy Becker
Birthdate: October 16, 1973
CFIDS Onset: April 1991