Sometimes I feel depressed. Is this normal for YPWCs? What things help overcome this?

October 18, 2013

It can be normal for a YPWC to get depressed because CFIDS changes your life so much. Depression can also be a physical symptom of CFIDS and it helps to remember, like other symptoms, it can vary from day to day. One of the best things you can do to help overcome depression is talking to someone who understands you, whether this is through a support group, Internet discussion group, pen-pals, friends, family, a counselor or your doctor. Visit Other Resources for information about finding sources of support.

“I think it would be rare NOT to get depressed a little bit… keep in mind, there are a lot of others going through the same thing… you are part of the same community.” –Jaime Wellman¬†¬†

“Depression is a completely normal part of coping… I have found that support through my pen-pals is helpful in defeating depression” –Ann McErleane