Sometime I feel angry. How can I use my anger in a “positive” way?

January 5, 2016

Anger is also a normal part of ME/CFS. Many people find it helpful to communicate with their friends via text and social media and express how they are feeling, while others write ME/CFS advocacy letters and express their anger in a way that educates people. Everyone expresses their anger in different ways, so find the positive way that works best for you! For ideas, email

“Channel anger into positive actions… educate people, write advocacy letters… we may be sick, but we’re not unable to make a difference in the world even when we’re homebound.” –Lauren Jonik  

“Anger is a normal part of ME/CFS… remember you aren’t mad at family or friends, you’re mad at ME/CFS… get out your favorite video game and pretend you are stomping out ME/CFS!” –Sandy Becker