Is it normal for symptoms to vary from day to day?

October 18, 2013

Having symptoms vary from day to day is normal when you have CFIDS. Often symptoms can be affected by your medications, diet, stressors and whether you are taking enough time to rest or have done too much. Frequently, symptoms change for no apparent reason. Sometimes you may be able to detect a pattern in your symptoms, but other times you may not know why you have a particular symptom. 

“It is normal to have your symptoms vary. It happens to all of us.” –Suzanne Spradlin  

“Yes, it is normal… some days are just worse.” –Rebecca Duger 

“One university class left me so sick and run down that I haven’t recovered three months later. I miss school –  the days when I could take two classes a semester will come again!”  

~Jamie Nelson
Birthdate: September 1, 1975
CFIDS Onset: January 1989