How can I keep in touch with the outside world while I am homebound?

October 18, 2013

There are many ways to keep in touch with the outside world! Watching the local news and reading the newspaper can help. If you have access to a computer, you can connect to an on-line service where there are several support groups for YPWCs . Make it a point to keep in contact with friends and relatives that live in your town by making phone calls or inviting them over for a quiet activity. 

“Try going with a friend to sit at the park or go to a movie or some other special place.” –Amy Pride 

“Write letters! Getting mail is fun… my pen pals are some of my closest friends.” –Lauren Jonik 


“CFIDS is not an excuse we use to stay home. We want to be in school, with our friends and planning our lives. CFIDS makes this impossible.” 

~Jake Parsons
Birthdate: January 13, 1976
CFIDS Onset: January 1996