Can I tell if I might be starting to relapse?

October 18, 2013

After a period of time, you may begin to know your body and the signals it will give you. A general worsening of symptoms is usually the first sign that you are going to have a relapse. If you start to feel worse, REST! Most importantly, try to avoid doing more than your body can handle. 

“It is helpful to keep a journal… this allows you to look at relapse triggers. ” –Chelsea Berns 

“In time, budgeting your energy to help prevent relapses will become easier.” –Ann McErleane 

“In my first six months with CFIDS, I missed 111 days of school and had to be home schooled.”  
~Adrienne Couvillion
Birthyear: 1980
CFIDS Onset: December 1996