October 17, 2013


Since 1992, the CFIDS Association has maintained a consistent presence in Washington, DC, representing ME/CFS – related policy concerns and research interests to legislators, policy makers and agency staff. The Association has earned a solid reputation for credibility, tenacity, vigilance and accountability.

The primary goal of our public policy work is to expand public investment in research aimed at the early detection, objective diagnosis and effective treatment of ME/CFS.

We also hope to validate the burden of illness imposed by ME/CFS in venues where national policy is made and executed in an effort to shape public policy that is responsive to the needs of persons affected by ME/CFS.

The participation of concerned ME/CFS advocates is a vital element of the Association’s public policy program. Together we will work to make ME/CFS a public health priority equal to the burden it imposes on the individual, the family, our communities and our nation.