IC + CFS Yields Poorer Course

IC-paper-300x239312 women with recent onset of interstitial cystitis (IC, also called painful bladder syndrome or bladder pain syndrome) were followed for four years. 61 of the 312 women also met criteria for CFS (at or before the onset of IC). The women who had both CFS and IC had a more severe course of illness. The only factor that predicted a less severe course of illness was milder symptoms at onset. The paper suggests: “Several pathophysiologies have been identified in these syndromes and include abnormalities in supraspinal sensory processing, in autonomic function, and, in the HPA axis. Whether any of these proceeds or follows a given syndrome has never been determined.” They offer this statement in conclusion: “It is intriguing to contemplate that identification of the process linking CFS with IC/PBS outcome might lead to an intervention that would improve the prognosis of the latter syndrome.” (British Journal of Urology, Aug. 9, 2012)

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